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BSH welcomes the long awaited Domestic RHI system to N Ireland.

Department of Enterprise Trade and Investment (DETI) have recently declared the long awaited Renenwable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme will commence later in 2014. In a surprise it will include an up-front payment of £2,500 and an ongoing 7 year payment of 5.6 pence / kwh of energy predicted by your dwellings EPC following 12 months after the initial payment.

The payment is great news for domestic customers meaning that fuel, when purchased in bulk costing 4p/kwh is being paid by the scheme at 5.6p/kwh giving the householder a profit of 39% for seven years.

In a typical BSH bulk stored internal system this could see the cost of the renewable technology paid back in less than 3 years. That is a return on investment of 33% whereas savings in the bank are earning 3%, the annual income thereafter for the house holder will be £4,600* when compared against oil heating (made up from £2,625 of RHI and £2,007 of savings over the cost of oil). It will also yield a nett reduction in Green House gas emissions per house hold of 12 t CO2 / annum. This is great news for consumers; its good for their pocket and your environment.

Not every household in Northern Ireland will benefit from biomass as it does require a degree of space for the system and access for road tanks to deliver fuel. For further information or to book a FREE survey contact BS Holdings on 028 9073 2233 or email

*Cost will differ against other fuels and each property requirements, based on a 25kw system

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